Stars on Ice (Series) (1976-1982)

CTV's Stars On Ice, North America's first national network ice skating series, was a weekly musical variety extravaganza on ice. It highlighted top name national and international skating performers backed by a chorus of Canadian medallist skaters. A different variety performer also appeared each week. Beginning in the fifth season, original host Alex Trebek was replaced by singing host Doug Crosley, and Toller Cranston became a regular performer. The series was at the time one of the most expensive productions done in Canadian television. The set consisted of a 40 by 60 foot rink (expanded to 46 by 68 in the second season), built in the studios of CFTO-TV in Toronto. The series was syndicated to over 26 countries around the world, including Brazil, Hong Kong, Iran, and Nigeria.

Co-produced by the CTV Television Network and Glen-Warren Productions.
Produced and directed by Mike Steele.
Executive Producers: Arthur Weinthal and Gerard Rochon.
Choreographers: Bill Turner, Ken Atkinson and Kenneth Welsch.
Skating Consultant/Assistant Choreographer: Debbie Wilkes, John Rait.

Alex Trebek....Host (1976-1980)
Doug Crosley....Host (1980-1982)

Original Broadcaster(s): CTV

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byClick here to see the profile of this user bsivan, March 1, 2010
Mike Steele did a fabulous job with this show !!!!

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