Starlost, The (Series) (1973-1974)

Starlost, The
This low budget sci-fi series was CTV's biggest entertainment enterprise at that time. It ran for sixteen episodes. It was also compiled down into five movies, each composed of two episodes each, with new credit sequences. The plot concerned a giant Noah's Ark-like spaceship, composed of hundreds of huge "domes", each containing a sample culture from the planet Earth, which has long since died out due to an unknown disaster. The Ark, damaged from an asteroid collision, goes off course and heads into the path of a distant sun, its crew dead. Three simple farmers accidentally find their way out of their dome and must find a solution to the predicament The Ark is in or all of humanity will be lost. As each episode progresses, they move from dome to dome, experiencing the fascination and danger of meeting different cultures, as they search for someone who might know how to save The Ark.

Keir Dullea....Devon
Gay Rowan....Rachel
Robin Ward....Garth
William Osler....Computer Voice/Host

Original Broadcaster(s): CTV

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