Stampede Wrestling (Series) (1957-2000)

Stampede Wrestling
Stampede Wrestling was operated by Stu Hart between 1948 and 1984, when his son Bruce took over. Stampede, a member of the National Wrestling Alliance until about 1982, was acquired by the World Wrestling Federation in 1984, who took most of the top talents away from the promotion and developed into the major professional wrestling promotion it is today. The promotion was closed in 1989 and reopened on April 2, 1999 by Bruce and Ross Hart.

Stampede Wrestling was the basis for a long-running weekly sports broadcast (1957-1989) produced in Calgary showcasing many of the promotion's most popular wrestlers. In the 1999, a second Stampede Wrestling series was attempted, but it was short-lived.

Ed Whalen....Host (1957-1989)
Allen Coage .... Bad News Allen - Co-host (1999-2000)
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