Spider-Man Unlimited (Series) (1999-2001)

Aka: Spiderman Unlimited

Spider-Man Unlimited
Covering a shuttle launch to the planet known as Counter-Earth, Peter Parker discovers the symbiote villians, Venom and Carnage, boarding the craft as it launches. When he is unable to stop them as Spider-Man and contact is lost with the shuttle, he is blamed for the disaster and hunted until he is believed to have been killed in a fire. Peter does survive and is content to lie low until he learns that the crew is alive, but trapped on Counter-Earth. Gaining a new costume and weapons from Reed Richards of the Fantastic Four, he boards a second shuttle to rescue the crew and travels to the planet. Shot down, he finds must get involved in a fight against the tyranny of the planet's ruler, The High Evolutionary and distorted copies of his old enemies on this new world.

Rino Romano....Spider-Man/Peter Parker (voice)
Jennifer Hale....Lady Vermin of the Next-Men/Additional Voices (voice)
Ron Halder....Sir Ram of the Next-Men (voice)
Kimberly Hawthorne....Karen (voice)
Rhys Huber....Shayne (voice)
Akiko Morison....Naoko (voice)
Tasha Simms....Lady Ursula of the Next-Men (voice)
David Sobolov....Lord Tyger of the Next-Men (voice)
Kathleen Barr....Additional Voices (voice)
Gary Chalk....Additional Voices (voice)
Paul Dobson....Additional Voices (voice)
Christopher Gaze....Bromley (voice)
Dale Wilson....Additional Voices (voice)
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