Spider-Man (Series) (1967-1970)

Aka: Spiderman (alternative spelling), The Amazing Spider-Man

Student Peter Parker is bitten by a spider while witnessing an experiment in radiology and finds that the radiation has transferred the properties of the spider (ability to scale walls and swing on webs) to him with a strength proportional to his body. Peter now has super spider powers and is so preoccupied with their possibilities that he fails to help the police stop a thief, who later robs the house of Peter's guardians, Aunt May and Uncle Ben, and kills Ben. Furious, Peter tracks down the culprit at a warehouse, and, on seeing the man's face, Peter realizes that if he had acted earlier to help stop the crook, Ben would be alive now. So, Peter vows to use his new powers to fight crime, as the super-heroic Spiderman.

Bernard Cowan....Dr. Magneto/Cowboy/Dr. Von Schlick/Narrator
Paul Soles....Peter Parker/Spider-Man/Fantastic Fakir/Ox/Vulture
Paul Kligman....J. Jonah Jameson/Jake/Hippie Poet/Lee Patterson/Otto
Peg Dixon....Betty Brant/Mrs. Conner/Adelaide/Aunt May Parker/Marie/Miss Trubble/Diana/Mrs. Van Meer/Emily Thorndike/Countess Belinski/Polly/Mary Jane Watson/Sue
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byPaul James, July 20, 2007
Another great catchy theme song. If you watched much Canadian content on T.V. back then some of the voice overs were recognizable. I believe I remember one of the character voices sounded alot like a regular extra on the old Wayne and Shuster shows.
Still a favorite from many years back. Graphics were certainly not as hi-tech as newer cartoons, but still a good cartoon.

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