Space Experience, The (Miniseries) (1987)

Thne Space Experience consists of six segments, each 26 minutes long.

"Flying on Fire" shows why rocket power is necessary to break out of the Earth's gravitational field and examines how this power is created and controlled.

"Staying Alive" explores the characteristics of the environment in space, focusing on its impact on people, and how we survive in it.

"Astroworkers" takes a look at how the space experience affects and dictates what we want to do and how we do it, as we increasingly venture into space to accomplish specific tasks.

"Space, Inc." examines how money is made and lost in space from profits in telecommunications to long-range gambles in the manufacture of drugs and crystals.

"Exploring the Edge" investigates how space exploration has given us a new perspective on our planet, a greater understanding of our planetary neighbours, and an increased knowledge of the universe.

"Outward Bound" takes a look at the human element in space and the importance of continued space exploration.

Marc Garneau....Host
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