Snow Job (Series) (1983-1985)

Snow Job
Snow Job was a CTV sitcom set in a ski lodge in the Laurentians, and starred Jack Creley as the manager, surrounded by an inept, sex-obsessed staff.

The volatile chef Jean Paul, lorded over his kitchen; Gigi was the peasant maid; the regal, dark-haired beauty, Renee, worked in hotel management; the hotel manager was Melvin Courtney; the spaced-out bell captain was Bernard; the randy ski instructor was Bobby; and the recreation director/frustrated comic was Harold. Last but not least was the German pastry chef, Hilda.

Thrown together, the Snow Job regulars had just as many little intrigues among them as what the hotel's guests- looking for excitement at this singles' bar in the snow- had in mind.

Rummy Bishop .... Bernard Graff
Liliane Clune .... Gigi
Gabe Cohen .... Harold Field
Joanne Côté .... Renee Bouvier
Jack Creley .... Melvin Courtney
Roger Garand .... Jean Paul La Fond
Nicholas Kilbertus .... Bobby Martinson
Pauline Rathbone .... Hilda Schultz
Richard Rebiere .... Peter Murphy (Season 3)

Original Broadcaster(s): CTV

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byClick here to see the profile of this user mick travis, December 7, 2009
this was a great show, with a truly stellar all canadian should have run for years , but was opposite some crappy show called MASH...oh favorites were gigi and harold...very funny ..whatever happened to them anyway..shoulda been big stars....

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