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Skipper and Company
The following is an incomplete listing of Skipper and Company episodes.

Sep 11, 1974 - Members of the musical Kerrivan family from St. John's. Nfld., entertain Skipper (Ray Bellew) and his friend Mrs. Noseworthy.

Dec 18, 1976 - Party Time. Join Skipper today for Corky's birthday party with party hats, balloons, cake and drinks for the attending kids from MacDonald Drive School. The kids bring along their ukuleles and entertain by playing and singing; Pamela Smith performs a piano solo.

Feb 19, 1977 - The Commercial Approach - Skipper is thinking about making a commercial for the Seaside Hotel and has hired Harry Hokem of Hokem Films to make the commercial. The kids from Reini Mondi School in Renews drop by to see Skipper and sing, and Kathy Murphy recites 'Confirmed Old Maid'.

Jan 7, 1978 - Abigail Comes to Visit -Skipper receives an unexpected visit from his sister. Children from St. Joseph's Elementary drop in to see Skipper. They entertain him with a few songs and Skipper gets them to play a game.

Jan 21, 1978 - That's Torn It - Skipper performs one of his magic tricks. Kids from Vanier School drop by and entertain him with a number of songs. Karen Neary plays a piano solo entitled "The Homecoming" and Jerry Kearney drops in to talk about watches and time pieces.

Mar 25, 1978 - Captain and the Clowns -Kosmo and Fanny, two clowns from the circus that is coming to town come to stay at Skipper's Motel and entertain Skipper and the children with their antics. Paula Walsh entertains Skipper with "Will Ye No' Come Back Again", dancers from the Phyllis Angel Dance School perform a clown dance and the children from the Nfld. Chinese Association perform a Chopsticks Dance.

Jun 3, 1978 - Today Skipper has a visit from John Byrne who talks to the children about water safety. Sheila McDonald also pays Skipper a visit and plays a clarinet solo. Sally Rowsell plays a piano solo and she and Sheila play a piano duo. The Fekete children play several numbers on their recorders. Postie brings the mail and has his usual riddle for Skipper.

Oct 21, 1978 - 'Party At Rainbow Point' The skipper is having a house-warming party with guests Mrs. Dooley and students from MacPherson Junior High School.

Dec 23, 1978 - "Christmas With Love." Skipper and some friends are entertained by the girls choir from St. Patrick School.

Jan 6, 1979 - "Stayinq Loose"

Jan 20, 1979 - "Shorthanded In The Storm." The Skipper is busy sending out storm warnings on his ship-to-shore radio.

Jan 27, 1979 - "Predicto Gongs Out." Predicto (Pat Treacher), a specialist in psychic research, visits the Skipper and conducts experiments to determine if the lighthouse is haunted.

Feb 3, 1979 - Botanist Bernard Jackson presents slides of caterpillars, butterflies and other insects and the Skipper does magic tricks for the children.

Apr 7, 1979 - Birthday Surprise - It's Skipper's birthday and Mrs. Fogwell and the children are having a surprise Birthday Party for him. They are the children from Vanier School and they entertain Skipper with songs and special surprises.

May 19, 1979 - Saturday Morning Fever. Skipper and the children from the Conception Bay Area are visited by Judy Knee and Paul O'Driscoll. Judy and Paul give Skipper and the children lessons in disco.

Oct 6, 1979 - Season Debut. "Captain in Suspense." Skipper welcomes everyone back for another season. He is visited by Lloyd Noel who flies model airplanes as a hobby. The children from Donald C. Jamieson School in Burin also drop by and entertain Skipper with their music and dancing.

Oct 13, 1979 - Washout At Frogmarsh Junction Skipper's friend Fog-erty calls to inform him that the bridge at Frogmarsh Junction has been washed out by a terrible storm Jackie St Croix and her family seek refuge and entertain Skipper with their music Dr Richardson, who is out walking his dog, also drops by and talks a little about the proper care of dogs. Skipper's houseguest, Joanne Best, also plays the harpsichord

Nov 17, 1979 - (Special - Jaycees Santa Claus Parade.) Live. The old salt himself, Skipper goes to the Jaycees Santa Claus Parade in real style. Live coverage of Skipper arriving at the CBC studio on the Parkway in St. John's and then proceeds to the studio to describe all the happenings with many colorful floats, marching bands, majorettes, clowns and of course Santa Claus and his little Elves. Produced by Wayne Guzzwell of CBNT, as a special presentation.

Dec 8, 1979 - "The Amazing Norman." Norman, Skipper's grocery boy, wants to join the Magic Club of which Skipper is a member. Skipper says he must perform for the children so that he can see how good a magician he is.

Dec 22, 1979 - "Away In A Lighthouse At Rainbow Point." It's Christmas time at Rainbow Point and Skipper is visited by Joe & Mary Smith. Mrs. Smith is about to have a baby! Skipper contacts his friend Mrs. Gabriel, a midwife and Dr. Wiseman to come and help. The children from St. Patrick's School along with Robin Hutton and Martin John Jones are also visiting Skipper, practicing for their school concert. Dr. Wiseman delivers a beautiful baby boy and there is a great celebration!

Dec 29, 1979 - "Lighthouse Country." Skipper is visited by two big Country & Western Singing Stars — Hank Buckeroo Smiley and his sidekick Pedro. Hank and Pedro are in a bit of a dilemma. They were supposed to be on KORN Radio Station and their car broke down but Skipper saves the day though by hooking up to the radio station on the Ship-to-Shore Radio. The children from St. George's Elementary in Long Pond provide the entertainment.

Jan 5, 1980 - "Its In The Book." The children from Vanier Elementary come to visit Skipper. Todd and Tanya Perrin entertain with their singing and a group of dancers from Roncalli School disco dance to "Instant Replay." Tom Moore also stops by and speaks to the children about writing. Tom has written two children's books and he reads a passage from his latest publication, "Tom Cods, Kids and Confederation."

Jan 19, 1980 - "What's Cooking?" Skipper visits Dr. "A" at the Magic Shop in town and Dr. "A" shows him a few new tricks that he has The children from Vanier Elementary visit and Bonnie Hokien, Diane Hamilton, Virginia & Veronica King and a quintet from St Patrick's provide the entertainment. Dr. "A" then takes a trip out to the lighthouse to try and sell Skipper on his new idea to make a million dollars — an "Oh My Goodness" Sandwich.

Feb 2, 1980 - "Down North." Skipper invites a few friends over to watch his films of Labrador that he took while on a trip up there. One of his friends, Margaret O'Dea, a local school teacher also drops by and brings along some samples of Labrador crafts. Margaret and Skipper chat about life in Labrador.

Feb 9, 1980 - "Just Corky In The Morning." Skipper's old friend Corky has Just returned on Shore Leave arid he comes out to the Lighthouse to see Skipper and the children again. The children are from Mary Queen of The World School and they entertain Corky and Skipper with their singing.

Apr 5, 1980 - "Big Deal at the Lighthouse." Skipper is visited by the children from the Green Belt Tennis Club at Lion's Club Park. Susan Boddie, Claudia Arrents, Beth Power and Martin Jones also drop by and entertain with their singing. A strange character, Bertram Bigdeal, arrives and tells Skipper that he has a great idea on how to make a million.

Apr 12, 1980 - "Voices At The Lighthouse." Skipper's friend Gloria Fiander, a puppeteer, drops by the Lighthouse and brings along her puppets. The children are from Mary Queen of The World School and they sing for Gloria and Skipper.

Oct 25, 1980 - "The Bunny Hop" There are lots of bunnies at the Lighthouse today. Skipper performs a magic feat producing a live rabbit from thin air. Dr. Peter Scott drops by with a couple of his rabbits. The children from St. Mary Elementary School entertain with a couple of songs and Kanina Holmes performs a recorder piece called "Andante."

Dec 20, 1980 - "The Week Before Christmas" Our program finds Skipper very excited about Christmas. The girls from St. Patrick's Elementary come to practice for their concert. He is also expecting a visit from girls of the 41st Guide Troop and a number of other visitors.

Dec 27, 1980 - "The Thirteenth Story." Skipper and Corky find an antique box in the basement which contains a clue to a treasure.

Jan 10, 1981 - "The Play is The Thing." Corky and Skipper quote Shakespeare but for different reasons. The children from St. Patrick's Elementary are Skipper's visitors today and they entertain him with "The Wedding Banquet". Bonnie Holden sings "Granada" and Gerry Murphy sings "The Wild Colonial Boy". In turn Skipper entertains the children with Instant Money Poker Chips Magic.

Jan 17, 1981 - "Echoes on the Wind." What is an echo? Skipper demonstrates this natural phenomena. Newtown Elementary School children visit with Skipper today. Laurie Kerwin sings a couple of songs for the children and Skipper. The Nine Teens led by Jacinta Mackey drop by as well and sing a couple of songs.

Jan 31, 1981 - "The Bigger They Are." Skipper performs some disappearing magic with pennies. Glenwood Public School pays a visit to Skipper. The Boys Choir of this school entertain Skipper with some songs such as "Whale of A Tale" and "Blowing In The Wind". Varrick Cox drops by with some model boats, and everyone has questions about them.

Feb 7, 1981 - "Singing The Brewis." Today Skipper has a visit from the girls of Glenwood Public School. Some of the girls play a recorder piece called "Blow The Man Down" and they sing "You Light Up My Life" and "As Long As He Needs Me". Also Hardluck Stoopnagle drops by but has to make a hasty exit when he finds out that he has trouble as usual. All enjoy Skipper's magic. At the end of the show all are tied up not by rope but by trying to say tongue twisters.

Feb 14, 1981 - "The Troop."

Mar 7, 1981 - "A Smooth Finish." Skipper's visitors today are from Vanier Elementary School.

Mar 14, 1981 - "Good Timing." Time seems to be an important part of today's show as Skipper performs magic called "Time Flying Mystery" and today's guest, Gerry Kearney, talks about time and brings some examples of time pieces. The girls from Pius X School are Skipper's visitors today.

Apr 4, 1981 - "A Chance For Stoopnagle" Skipper performs magic for the children. Today the children from St. John Bosco School are visiting. They perform a couple of songs for Skipper and Connie Denine sings "Early One Morning."

Apr 11, 1981 - "The Bunny Hop." There are lots of bunnies at the Lighthouse today. Skipper performs a magic feat producing a live rabbit from thin air. Dr. Peter Scott drops by with a couple of his rabbits. The children from St. Mary's Elementary School entertain with a couple of songs and Kanina Holmes performs a recorder piece called Andante.

Apr 18, 1981 - "Dynamite Magic." Corky experiments with magic without Skipper's permission with disastrous results. The Cavalier Singers drop by looking for a friend of thefts and while there they sing Sunshine On My Shoulders. Their friend Cathy Corcoran arrives just missing them but decides to wait at the Lighthouse till they return and she sings New World In The Morning for Skipper. Capt. Wince Crocker talks about fire safety. After everybody leaves Corky confesses to Skipper. Students from St. Patrick's Elementary School visit.

Apr 30, 1981 - "Dr. Goose." Skipper performs some special magic with a goose egg and surprises himself. The children from Bishop Field School are his guests and they entertain with a group song, Little Johnny England. Special guests today are the Alladin Pantomime Puppet Theatre and they have a puppet show for the children and Skipper. Dr. Peter Scott drops by with some goslings. Before they all leave Alexandra Haedrich plays a piano piece called The Misquito.

Jun 6, 1981 - "It's All Done With Mirrors." Amazing magic begins today's program as Skipper demonstrates the power of the double your money paddle. The children from St. Joseph's Elementary are Skipper's visitors today and they sing The Lollipop Tree and Do-Re-Mi and do a dance to the ever popular I'se the B'y tune. Dr. Ross Traverse also drops by for a visit, and brings with him some plants native to Newfoundland.

Oct 3, 1981 - Debut - New Season. "Hello Polly." Skipper is just returning from his summer vacation and Charlie the Parrott is there, a gift from Chief Ogeetooboo. The children from Bay Bulls' 1st Brownie Pack arrive and entertain Skipper with their songs Shirley Boyles from the Village Pet Shop also drops by with some interesting animals.

Nov 28, 1981 - "What's Cooking"

Dec 5, 1981 - "The Big Brush Off." Skipper receives a visit from Dr. John Palmer, a dentist, who talks to the children about dental health. The girls of Pius X School are Skipper's other visitors and they entertain with a song, "Don Gato" and Beth Power sings "The Rainbow Connection".

Dec 12, 1981 - "Hardluck Rains." Skipper gets some help from Hardluck Stoopnagle to fix his roof with unlucky results. The children from St. John Bosco drop by and entertain Skipper and Hardluck with "The Candy Man" and "Annie's Song". Skipper then entertains them with some magic.

Dec 19, 1981 - "Strike Up The Band." Skipper is in a great rush today trying to get ready for his visitors the Gower Youth Band. When they arrive with their dirrector Ed. Bonnell they entertain Skipper with the "Muppet Show Theme", the "Star Wars Theme" and other musical numbers.

Dec 26, 1981 - "Bottles of Fun" Ross Traverse drops by with his antique bottle collection. The children from Mary Queen of the World make up the audience for this show and Sing two songs for Skipper Richard and Charles Herriott also drop by on their way to a concert and sing an original composition by their father John.

Jan 2, 1982 - "The Five Gallon Jug." Skipper helps himself to a little cider, but a little becomes more than that. He welcomes the children from Virginia Park Elementary. Their recorder group plays "German Dance" and the choir sings "The Path To The Moon". Captain Leo Knox drops by and talks about fire safety and Dave Hillier, a firefighter, comes along with him.

Feb 2, 1982 - "Dots and Dashes." Skipper welcomes students from Holy Cross Primary School. Special guest today is Frank Davis, telegrapher.

Feb 27, 1982 - "Old Time Smash." Today, Skipper has a visit from a group of Brownies. He also welcomes special guest, Walter Peddle of the Newfoundland Museum.

Mar 6, 1982 - "Circus Dreams." Skipper's guest today is Corky. Corky is planning to join the circus. Skipper is entertained by Janice LeMessurier, Mark Connors and Colin Carrigan. Children from St. Andrew's Elementary School visit.

Mar 13, 1982 - "Paper Magic." Skipper's guest today is Miriam Yu. They talk about the Chinese Art of Paper Folding. Skipper is visited by a group of students from St. Augustine's School, Bell Island.

Apr 17, 1982 - "Nature's Magic." Ross Traverse is the guest for this show.

Nov 13, 1982 - "Puppet Show." Skipper is visited by Bev Thomas and Ron Hicks and they have a puppet show.

Dec 18, 1982 - "Twas The Week Before Christmas." Holy Cross Elementary School Girls' Choir: Guest Leslie Lake Searle.

Mar 5, 1983 - "Corky's Lesson in Magic." Skipper's special guest today is Corky. Skipper has a visit from a group of students from Regina Mundi School, Renews.

Mar 19, 1983 - "Water on the Funny Bone" Skipper's special guest today is Dr Peter Scott who talks about plants of Newfoundland Skipper has a visit from the 42nd Brownie Troop of St. Augustine's School.

May 28, 1983 - "Things From Long Ago." Skipper's guest today is Vicki Collins of the Newfoundland Museum. She will have museum items of interest to children (toys). Also today Skipper welcomes a Girl Guide Troop from Holyrood. (R)

Nov 19, 1983 - "A Skipper & Company Special" - 1983 Jaycees Santa Claus Parade. The Jaycees 29th annual Santa Claus Parade will be held in St. John's and CBC Television will televise it live to the entire Island and to Labrador. The program, like last season, will centre around "Skipper" and his side-kick "Corky" on-location at the parade site.

Feb 4, 1984 - Up, Up and Away Skipper and Corky practise the magio of levitation with scary results for Corky. Skipper has a visit from the Gander Youth Singer, Gander.

Feb 11, 1984 - "Bird in the Bag" Skipper and Corky visit the Children's Animal Farm at Pippy Park Skipper is entertained by children from Holy Redeemer Elementary School, Trepassey.

Feb 18, 1984 - "The Joke Shop" Corky dreams of owning a Joke Shop because he believes "a day without laughter is a day wasted." With students from Pouch Cove Elementary School, Pouch Cove

Apr 28, 1984 - "Sharing With Sharratt."

Dec 9, 1984 - "The Joke Shop." Corky receives a letter from his cousin Waldo and daydreams about what it would be like to own a joke shop. Children are from St. Francis of Assisi School in Outer Cove.

Dec 30, 1984 - "Once Upon A Time On Wheels" Mr William Aitken from the Antique Auto Club visits Skipper to show him some mini condition antique cars. Special guests today are children from the Donald C. Jamieson Academy, Salt Pond, Burin.

Jan 6, 1985 - "The Golden Age Of Vaudeville" Skipper and Corky put on a vaudeville show with the help of the Harrington Trio (Susan, Paddy and Jane) and Heather Power But Corky runs into a little trouble. Children are from St Andrew's School.

Jan 27, 1985 - "Rain And Simple" Hilda Smith and Violet Vincent from SPCA along with Molly the dog and Sweet William the cat visit Skipper and the children are from Holy Cross School, Eastport.

Apr 7, 1985 - "The Big Coin Vanish" Children from Upper Gullies Elementary School are guests at the Lighthouse and Skipper also has a visit from Fred Brokenshire who talks about the latest developments in the music record and cassette business.

Nov 10, 1985 - "Lighthouse Super Hero" Corky falls asleep and dreams that he has become a superhero. "Captain Turbo". The children from Holy Cross Elementary join Skipper.

Dec 8, 1985 - "Friends Of A Feather" Skipper and Corky are visited by Lisa Noseworthy Collett and a few of her animal friends from the pet store. The children from St. John Bosco drop by to entertain them with a few songs.

Apr 20, 1986 - "A Visit to the Janeway." Children from Holy Cross Primary stop by and Fayne Melamed of the Janeway shows a film on what happens when children enter the hospital for an operation.

Nov 1, 1987 - "Rainbow Point Day" Guest is Patti Clarke of the Provincial Government Recreation and Youth Department with plans for Rainbow Point Day including a fun-balloon game. Talent this week is from St. Bon's with Teacher Theresa Donovan. The Choir sings three songs and Billy Eaton had fiddle tunes all ready for Skipper and Corky.

Nov 29, 1987 - "The Boy From Bayo" Today's special guest is teenager Stephen McGrath of St. John's who starred in the movie Bayo. The Drum Band from McDonald Junior High School provides the entertainment for Skipper and Corky at the Lighthouse at Rainbow Point.

Dec 13, 1987 - "Sound Invitation" Guest is Rick Hollett, musician, talking about different musical instruments especially the computer synthesizer. Talent is from Mercy Convent. Corky tries his hand at a new invention which ends in total disarray.

Dec 20, 1987 - "Wiz Kids" Students from Beaconsfield High perform with song and dance songs from the Broadway play "The Wiz".

Dec 25, 1987 - SKIPPER'S MAGIC AT THE TOP (Special) Guests are from St. Matthew's School, Cowan Heights, with soloist Michael Burke and ballet dancer Allison Bens. Corky gets into Skipper's magic with disastrous results.

Dec 27, 1987 - "Skipper's Magic At The Top" Talent is from St. Matthew's School, Cowan Heights, with Michael Burke soloist. Allison Bens dances Ballet and Corky gets into Skipper's magic with disastrous results. Produced by Guzzwell.

Jan 15, 1989 - "Outs With Postie"

May 21, 1989 - Final episode.

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