SketchCom (Series) (1998-1999)

A creation of the Air Farce's Roger Abbott and Don Ferguson which gives a half and hour to comedy troupe's to support up and coming artists, shine lights on little known troupes, and honour better known stars. Each troupe usually appears in only one or two episodes, sharing half the epsiode with another. It's a small taste of the underground Canadian comedy scene.

Jonathan Crombie....Various (Skippy's Rangers)
Lisa Lambert....Various (Skippy's Rangers)
Bob Martin....Various (Skippy's Rangers)
Paul O'Sullivan....Various (Skippy's Rangers)
Winston Spear....Various (Lame & Shooster)
Jennifer Baxter....Various (The Bobroom)
Mike Beaver....Various (The Bobroom)
Kevin Crofton....Various (Local Anxiety)
Sean Cullen....Various (Corky and The Juice Pigs)
Stacey DePass....Various (The Bobroom)
Robert Hawke....Various (Fast & Dirty)
Marc Hickox....Various
Jason Jones....Various (The Bobroom)
Mark Leiren-Young....Various (Local Anxiety)
Gord Oxley....Various (Fast & Dirty)
Robert Tinkler....Various (The Bobroom)
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