Size Small (Series) (1982-1987)

Aka: Size Small Country, Size Small Island

Size Small
Size Small was the Lumby family's television program for children. The original series of 65 episodes was hosted by mother Helen Lumby, produced by father John Lumby Sr., and along with 18 puppets, the show's performers include the three Lumby children: John Jr., Lisa, and Jeff.

Although the music on the program was provided by a Toronto firm, The Music People, Helen Lumby wrote all the lyrics. A number of Size Small albums, produced by Jeff Lumby, were released by K-Tel.

Size Small was carried on local stations in Vancouver, Edmonton, Winnipeg and Halifax as well as the Global TV network in Ontario and ATV in the Maritimes. It was financed by Winnipeg TV station CKND, and produced in Saskatoon. A 1984 spin-off version of the program, Size Small Country, was shot at a ranch outside Regina. Another spin-off called Size Small Island debuted in 1987.

Helen Lumby .... Miss Helen
Jeff Lumby .... Stampede the cowboy, various characters
John Lumby Jr ..... Oliver Sudden, various characters
Lisa Lumby-Richards .... Grandma Gussie, various characters
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byClick here to see the profile of this user bennettmuk, February 10, 2009
I loved this show! I want to know how to purchase copies of it. Anybody?

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