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Singalong Jubilee
Jul 31, 1961 - This week, Bill Langstroth and the Jubilee Singers sing Waltzing Matilda, Patsy-Atsy-Ory-Ay and Seeing Nellie Home. Elan Stuart's solos are House of the Rising Sun, and Donna, Donna. Bud Spencer sings Spanish is a Lovin' Tongue and Big Rock Candy Mountain. Fred McKenna plays the guitar and sings Frogg. Announcer Jim Bennet gets into the act singing Water Boy, and the entire cast sings This Land is Your Land and Done Laid Around.

Sep 18, 1961 - In the final show of the season host Bill Langstroth and folk singers Elan Stuart, Jim Bennett, Fred McKenna, and the Jubilee singers present: This Land Is Your Land; This Little Light of Mine; Donna Donna; Whispering; O Mary Don't You Weep; Tina Sing; Gypsy Davy; Old Blue.

Aug 13, 1962 - Highlights: Vive L'Amour (Bill Langstroth); Whiskey in the Jar (Bud Spencer); Lemon Tree (Elan Stuart); Old Dolores (Fred McKenna).

Jul 8, 1963 - A return of this summer show from Halifax. With singing host Bill Langstroth; folksinger Jim Bennet; singer-guitarist Fred McKenna; the Townsmen, a trio; and the Jubilee Four. Featured soloists from the Jubilee Chorus are Hal Kempster, Karen Oxley, Kay Porter, Katherine McKinnon and Sylvia Wedderburn. The program is of an informal nature and features folk songs, sea songs, barbership songs and novelty numbers. Producer is Manny Pittson.

Jul 15, 1963 - Standards and folk songs are featured. Highlights include "Great Gettin' up Morning," "500 Miles," "Water Boy," "One More River," "Jamaica Farewell" and "Bold O'Donahue." Jim Bennet, Fred McKenna, Townsmen, Jubilee Four, Jubilee chorus. Bill Langstroth is host.

Jul 29, 1963 - Singalong Jubilee performed on the front steps of the Uniacke house, Mt. Uniacke, NS. The group performed two musical numbers, Three Jolly Rogers of Lynn and Colony Times.

Aug 12, 1963 - Host Bill Langstroth presents "music and song" from Halifax. Singer-guitarist Fred McKenna, folksinger Jim Bennet, the Jubilee singers, the Townsmen and Karen Oxley perform.

Dec 25, 1968 - Singalong Jubilee Christmas Special

Nov 3, 1971 - Bill Langstroth is the guest.

Oct 25, 1972 - Guest: Catherine McKinnon. Highlights: "Thirsty Boots," "The First Time," "Nova Scotia Song" Catherine "Six Days of Paper Ladies," "Liberty Valance" (Tom), "Sixteen Fathoms Down" (Jim), "Blackbird" (Patrician), "Hello, Stranger" (Fred, Clary).

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