Singalong Jubilee (Series) (1961-1973)

Singalong Jubilee
Singalong Jubilee replaced Don Messer's Jubilee for eight summer seasons on CBC, and they were for many years the principal network shows produced in the Atlantic region. In a cluttered set with a lot of different nooks that permitted the large cast of singers and musicians to perform separately and as a chorus, the broadcast was an informal program of folk, country, spiritual, and popular songs. When it joined the winter schedule, it also moved more frequently outside the studio for numbers filmed on location. Bill Langstroth played a long-necked banjo and sang with considerable gusto, while Jim Bennet, with a better-trained voice, specialized in ballads.

Langstroth credited folk singer Pete Seeger with inspiring the idea for series.

Bill Langstroth....Co-Host/Banjo/Singer(1961-1970)
Jim Bennet....Co-Host/Guitar/Singer/Announcer
Tom Kelly....Co-Host(1970-1973)
Fred McKenna...Guitar/Mandolin/Fiddle/Singer
Catherine McKinnon....Soloist(1962-?)
Kay Porter....Singer (The Don Burke Four 1964-1965)
Karen Oxley....Singer (The Dropouts 1966)
Marilyn (Davies) McDonald....Singer (The Don Burke Four 1964-1965)
Vern Moulton....Singer (The Dropouts 1966)
Hal Kempster....Singer
Chalmers Doane....Singer
Michael Stanbury....Singer/Guitar (The Townsmen Trio 1963-1964) Soloist(1965-1970)
Scott MacCulloch ....Singer (The Townsmen Trio 1963-1964)
Don Burke....Singer/Banjo (The Townsmen Trio 1963-1964) (The Don Burke Four 1964-1965)
Anne Murray....Soloist(1966-1970)
Bud Kimbel (Jubilee Four 1961-1963)
Graham Day (Jubilee Four 1961-1963)
Gordon McMurtry (Jubilee Four 1961-1963)
Lorne White (Jubilee Four 1961-1963)(The Dropouts 1966)
Brian Ahern (The Don Burke Four 1964-1965)
Ken Tobias....Singer(1966)
Patrician Anne McKinnon....Singer(1969)
Beverly Welles....Singer (1971)
Elan Stuart....Singer (1961-1962)
Clary Croft
Bud Spencer .... Singer (1961-?)

Original Broadcaster(s): CBC

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Comments (5)
I loved this show, despite the fact that my dad was on it for the entire run :) It was a great show!

I was wondering if there are any shows left that could be seen as podcasts or on line in some fashion? I would love to sit through a show or two once again. Does anyone know where one might view the show?
byLesley, November 9, 2007
Elan Stuart was the female soloist for a couple of seasons early in her career prior to Katherine MacKinnon and Anne Murray being on the show and she was very popular with the viewers. I understand some of her ballad renditions were so haunting that the studios were flooded with fan mail.
byClick here to see the profile of this user, April 8, 2007
Added Elan Stuart to the cast listing today. Thanks
byShorty, April 8, 2007
Elan Stuart was the best ever on the show and I can't imagine why her name is omitted from the list of regulars...wasn't she the soloist for a season or two?
byTom Rzonca, February 11, 2007
An important influence on my love of folk music, extending to Stan Rogers and beyond. SAJ invented MTV. Forever young!!

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