Sidestreet (Series) (1975-1978)

Sidestreet succeeded The Collaborators as the CBC's main drama series and moved away from the violence of the typical police show with protagonists who were community service officers instead of ordinary detectives. Sidestreet concentrated on issues such as blockbusting, strikebreaking, rape, poverty, and the problems of the elderly in the city, instead of major crimes. In the first season, the protagonists were Inspector Alec Woodward, played by Sean McCann, and Sergeant Johnny Dias, played by Stephen Markle. They were replaced by the older, more experienced Nick Raitt, played by Donnelly Rhodes, and the younger Glenn Olsen, played by Jonathan Welsh.

Stephen Markle .... Sgt. Johnny Dias (1975)
Sean McCann .... Insp. Alec Woodward (1975)
Donnelly Rhodes .... Nick Raitt (1976-1978)
John Swindells .... Insp. Ted Bowman
Jonathan Welsh .... Glenn Olsen (1976-1978)

Original Broadcaster(s): CBC

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