Side Effects (Series) (1994-1996)

Medical drama set in Toronto at the Kingsview Family Clinic. Nadia Capone played the level headed chief doctor; Albert Schultz the unctuous callous doc Joseph Ziegler the crusader Anna Pappas the resident killed off at the beginning of the 2nd season and Jovanni Sy the good hearted doc who sometimes had trouble relating to people. Eve Harris played the administrator. Jennifer Dale was added in the 2nd season as the somewhat manipulative head of the clinic. Elizabeth Sheppard played R.N. Judy Owens Janne Mortil played the experienced receptionist Michelle.

Albert Schultz....Dr. Noah Knelman
Nadia Capone....Dr. Diane Camilleri
Joseph Ziegler....Dr. Jim Barker
Barbara Eve Harris....Wanda Gibbs
Anna Pappas....Dr. Gayle Politis (1994-1995)
Jovanni Sy....Dr. Donald Chen
Jennifer Dale....Dr. Liz Anderson (1995-1996)
Elizabeth Shepherd....R.N. Judy Owens
Janne Mortil....Michelle Dupont
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