Shulman File (Series) (1977-1984)

Aka: Shulman's Greatest Hits

City-TV hired Dr. Morton Shulman in 1977 to host The Shulman File, possibly the very first TV "attack journalism" show. His confrontational interviewing approach infuriated many, but others applauded his willingness to say out loud the things they were thinking, but wouldn't have dared to say. No subject was off-limits, but such was the program's popularity that there were always guests willing to submit themselves to his abrasive questions.

Dr. Shulman got into a money dispute with Moses Znaimer, City-TV's founder and executive producer, and the show was dropped in the summer of 1983, with Shulman's Greatest Hits being repeated in the 1983-84 season.

Dr. Morton Shulman .... Host
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