Showtime (Series) (1952-1959)

Aka: General Electric Showtime; The CGE Show; CGE Showtime; Showtime with Howard Cable; Summer Showtime

Sponsored by Canadian General Electric, The CGE Show featured the Leslie Bell Singers, a choir of twenty-one young women, and the Howard Cable Orchestra.

The program's title changed from The CGE Show to CGE Showtime, and it then became known simply as Showtime.

Orchestra leader Howard Cable was the constant throughout the show's history, and a summer replacement in 1957, Showtime with Howard Cable, gave him top billing.

Summer Showtime was a summer replacement series in 1957 and 1958.

Producer: Frank Peppiatt

Leslie Bell .... Various characters (1952-1954)
Howard Cable .... Orchestra leader
Elmer Eisler .... Regular
Gladys Forrester .... Regular
Don Garrard .... Co-host (1954-1956)
Robert Goulet .... Co-host (1956-1959)
Shirley Harmer .... Co-host (1954-1957)
Charles Jordan .... Co-host (1952)
Jackie Kay .... Regular
Gloria Lambert .... Co-host (1957-1958)
Joyce Sullivan .... Co-host (1959)
Barbara Franklin .... Co-host (Summer Showtime)
Allan Blye .... Co-host (Summer Showtime)
Shane Rimmer
Ken Steele
Gi Gordon
Bill Butler

Original Broadcaster(s): CBC

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