Show from Two Cities, A (Miniseries) (1963-1964)

A series of 4 hour-long variety shows produced over the 1963-64 season in Toronto and Montreal, A Show from Two Cities was also broadcast simultaneously on both English and French networks of the CBC.

Shirley Harmer
Bill Cole
Lise LaSalle
Pierre Thriault
Claire Gagnier
Richard Verreau
Monique Leyrac
Barbara Hamilton
Doug Romaine
Don Gillies
Rene Claude
Jean Cavall
Olivier Guimond
Roger Garceau
Jimmy Tapp
Paul Dupuis
Elaine Bedard
Juliette Petrie
Joyce Sullivan
Monique Gaube
Yolande Guerarde
Jean-Pierre Ferland
Paul Kligman
Corinne Conley
Earl Cameron
Miville Couture
Steve Douglas
Rene Lecavalier
Henri Bergeron
Fred Davis
Jacques Normand
Jean Christopher
Larry Mann
Paul Berval
Deborah Wittman
Robert Demontigny
Denis Drouin
Nina Deschamps
Glenn Gibson
Lucio Agostini
Rick Wilkins
Ray Smith
Sylvia Murphy
Johnny Wayne
Frank Shuster
Dominique Michel
Michel Louvin
Marilyn Rollo
Jack Robertson
Nora Johnstone
Felix Fitzgerald

Original Broadcaster(s): CBC

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