Shining Time Station (Series) (1989-1993)

Shining Time Station
This was a North American version of the popular British children's program. Every episode, the kids (and sometimes the adults, too) at Shining Time Station learn some special lessons about life and getting along with others from the miniature Mr. Conductor. The lessons are then illustrated in segments featuring Thomas the Tank Engine.

Ringo Starr....Mr. Conductor (1990-1991)
Didi Conn....Stacy Jones
Brian O'Connor....Schemer
Leonard Jackson....Henry 'Harry' Cupper (1990-1991)
Bobo Lewis....Midge Smoot
Jason Woliner....Matt (1990-1991)
Nicole Leach....Tanya (1990-1991)
Mart Hulswit....J.B. King Esquire
George Carlin....Mr. Conductor (1991-1993)
Barbara Hamilton....Ginny (1992-1993)
Danielle Marcot....Becky (1991-1993)
Erica Luttrell....Kara (1991-1993)
Jonathan Shapiro....Little Schemee (1992-1993)
Tom Jackson....Billy Twofeathers (1991-1993)
Ari D. Magder....Dan (1991-1993)

Original Broadcaster(s): YTV

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