Sheldon Kennedy Story, The (TV Movie) (1999)

Aka: Un rêve abîmé (French title)

Sheldon Kennedy Story, The
The Sheldon Kennedy Story tells the true story of a pro hockey player who in his youth was molested by his coach.

When The Sheldon Kennedy Story aired, reactions from viewers across the country were intense. People were so affected that the Red Cross had to man special phone lines to support the influx of calls brought on by the film. The industry also acknowledged the powerful story. The Sheldon Kennedy Story was a Gemini Award winner, was nominated at the Banff International TV Festival and was also awarded the Telefilm Canada Award for Best English Language Production.

Jonathan Scarfe....Sheldon Kennedy
Polly Shannon....Jana
Robert Wisden....Graham James
Noel Fisher....Young Sheldon Kennedy
Brent Stait....Mel
Lynda Boyd....Shirley
Justin Stillwell....Troy
Edanna Andrews....Sherry
Jack Ackroyd....Verlin Sawchuk
David Chapman....Don Smythe
Paul Coeur....Bill Dutton
Paul Dunphy....Ron Kirby
Ty Olsson....Mark
Darren Lucas....Brad
Rob Daprocida....Darryl

Original Broadcaster(s): CTV

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