Shadow Warriors II: Hunt for the Death Merchant (TV Movie) (1999)

Aka: Assault on Death Mountain

Shadow Warriors II: Hunt for the Death Merchant
Mike and his team of shadow warriors are working freelance on military operations. When Mike thinks he recognises a biochemical terrorist from his past they uncover a plot to attack Seattle. With Mike drugged with a slow poison that only terrorist Sarkisian can stop the team go out to stop the attack.

Hulk Hogan....Mike McBride
Shannon Tweed....Hunter Wiley
Carl Weathers....Roy Brown
Martin Kove....Andy Powers
Mike White....Derek
Gerard Plunkett....Dr. Sarkisian
Lisa Schrage....Laura Berringer
Dale Wilson....Armand Berringer
Jenny-Lynn Hutcheson....Lily Berringer
Eli Gabay....Jamal
Mark Gibbon....Franz
Martin Szlavy....Helmut
Anaya Farrell....Dr. Magador
Ron Reis II....Vlassi
Emmanuelle Vaugier....French Woman
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