Seeing Things (Series) (1981-1987)

Seeing Things
All Louie Ciccone wants to do is get back with his wife Marge and hang onto his job as a reporter on the Toronto Gazette. Trouble is, Louie is a klutz who can't even get a copy of his own paper from a corner coin box. He is also a reluctant clairvoyant who has visions the way lesser legmen have sore feet. The visions enable Louie to solve murders, but as he throws the investigative process out the window, he drives his editor up the wall. The editor concludes, along with practically everybody else, that Louie is lucky, lazy, or just some kind of nut.

Frank Adamson....Sgt. Brown
Ivan Beaulieu....Jason Ciccone
Al Bernardo....Alberto Ciccone
Maury Chaykin....U.S. Marshal Randall Jackson
Louis Del Grande....Louie Ciccone
John Fox....Falstaff
Martha Gibson....Marge Ciccone
Lynne Gordon....Anna Ciccone
Janet-Laine Green....Heather Redfern
Cec Linder....Spencer
Louis Negin....Marlon
Ratch Wallace....Kenny
Murray Westgate....Max Perkins

Original Broadcaster(s): CBC

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byClick here to see the profile of this user, July 1, 2006
I didn't fully appreciate this show when it first aired, but watching the reruns, I love it.

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