Seasons in the Sun (TV Movie) (1986)

Canadian pop strummer Terry Jacks stars as Terry Brandon, a famous rock star who leaves the business when a rare disease threatens his health. Terry sails off alone on his boat (the "Seasons in the Sun") for the tranquil waters of British Columbia, but his peace and quiet is disrupted when he inadvertently (and inexplicably) stumbles upon international intrigue, love and betrayal. Double agents, Russian spies, sensitive C.I.A. documents and professional assassins; it's hardly the interpretation most would glean from the 1974 megahit that scored Jacks AM radio immortality.

Carol Bagdasarian....Olivia
John Ireland....Keith Slattery
Terry Jacks....Terry Brandon
Maxine Nunes....Sherril
John Quade....Gordie Vickers
Michael Vale....Bernie
Kathryn Witt....Cathy Slattery
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