Search and Rescue (Series) (1977-1978)

Aka: Search & Rescue: The Alpha Team

Search and Rescue
Two skate-boarding kids are trapped by a flash flood. The water mounts higher. How to find them? Simple—send in Sneaky the Raccoon, a powerful swimmer, with a transmitter around his neck to beep back their location! A hang-glider is missing in a dense forest. Nobody can spot it except—aha!— Rex the Hawk! This series stars Canadian actors and imported animals. Michael J. Reynolds is Dr. Bob Donell, the scientist who uses the special skills of animals to rescue lost humans; helping him are his 16-year-old daughter (Donann Cavin), 10-year-old son (Michael Tough) and a vet (Helen Shaver).

Donann Cavin....Katy Donell
Michael Kane....Uncle Jack
Michael J. Reynolds....Dr. Bob Donell
Helen Shaver....Dr. Liz Warren
Michael Tough....Jim Donell

Original Broadcaster(s): CTV

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Hi, I was Paul in the episode "Baker's Boy"
This was a great deal of fun doing this, many fond memories of the experience.

Working with the animals close up and some not so close up. remeber specifically being introduced to the cougar to "see" how he'd react to me for the show. They decided to do the shot in two parts cause I looked to much like food. lol.

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