SCTV (Series) (1976-1984)

Aka: Second City Television; SCTV Channel; SCTV Network

SCTV was unlike any other comedy series on the air. What SCTV did for the most part was satirize television itself. Using the premise of a fictitious network, it mimicked existing media stars and no-talents from networks to the local backwater UHFs. The SCTV Network had its own talk shows and parodies of everything on television ranging from musical varieties and sitcoms to crime dramas, soap operas and even commercials. SCTV first began as an off-shoot of Second City, the popular improvisational ensemble. The Toronto chapter was founded in 1973 and rescued from oblivion by entrepreneur Andrew Alexander, who was both executive producer for the TV series and Second City. The cast wrote and performed the many characters that populated SCTV. Some of the memorable lunatics who supposedly worked for this wacky network in mythical Melonville were Guy Cabellaro (Flaherty) the inept station owner who, although he could walk, used a wheelchair because he felt it lent him respect; weird leopard skin-hatted station manager Mrs. Edith Prickley (Martin) who promised only the finest in programming; Bobby Bittman (Levy) the ultimate sleazy nightclub comedian, who, while buried under a clinking web of gold chains, made regular appearances on the Sammy Maudlin Show; another Maudlin regular was singer Lola Heatherton (O'Hara); Dr. Tongue (Candy), the resident mad scientist of "Monster Chiller Horror Theatre" hosted by Count Floyd (Flaherty), who provided the wolf howls for the less-than-B-grade movies; and the unforgettable duo of Doug and Bob McKenzie (Thomas and Moranis), who played the 'typical Canadian' backwoods brothers of the Great White North. As hosts of their own talk show, "The Great White North," Doug and Bob McKenzie sat around a camp stove, frying bacon and drinking beer as they tried to come up with a 'topic.' This two-and-a-half minute segment, originally written as a filler, had become so popular it has achieved a cult following of its own.

Joe Flaherty....Various Characters (season 1-6)
Eugene Levy....Various Characters (season 1-6)
Andrea Martin....Various Characters (season 1-6)
Martin Short....Various Characters (season 4-6)
John Hemphill....Various Characters (season 5-6)
Mary Charlotte Wilcox....Various Characters (season 5-6)
John Candy....Various Characters (season 1-2,4-6)
Rick Moranis....Various Characters (season 3-4)
Catherine O'Hara....Various Characters (season 1-2,4-6)
Dave Thomas....Various Characters (season 1-4,6)
Robin Duke....Various Characters (season 3)
Harold Ramis....Various Characters (season 1-2,5)
Tony Rosato....Various Characters (season 3)

Original Broadcaster(s): Global, CBC, Superchannel

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Comments (2)
byClick here to see the profile of this user Ryan Water, December 5, 2010
One of the first directors of the show was a fellow named John Blanchard. He was a student in the Theatre and Broadcasting department at Tec Voc High School in Winnipeg. I was in the same course but a year or two behind him at the time. He's just another fine example of the great talent from Winter-Peg! Tec Voc was a great training ground for TV, Theatre and Radio in the 60's-70's as is evident with Johns success with SCTV. I loved that show and take every opportunity to watch the re-runs.
byClick here to see the profile of this user Stoney, February 11, 2008
Possibly the greatest show ever produced on the planet. I hope I am not over stating this.

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