Scene of the Crime (Series) (1991-1992)

A joint French/Canadian production that was produced by CTV, Scene of the Crime had a primarily Canadian cast with numerous Canadian and French guest stars. Originally filmed in English, this series has also been dubbed into French.

The episodes were shown anthology-style. Although there were five main stars, in each episode the stars would play different characters, each with two normally teaming up against another two, and one typically not being featured.

Stephen J. Cannell....Himself (Host)
Teri Austin....Various Characters
Kim Coates....Various Characters (1991)
Lisa Houle....Various Characters
Stephen McHattie....Various Characters
Maxine Miller....Various Characters
François Montagut....Various Characters
Sandra Nelson....Various Characters
Robert Paisley....Various Characters
Barbara Parkins....Various Characters (1991)
Olivier Pierre....Various Characters
George Touliatos....Various Characters
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