Episode Guide - Scan (Series) (1957-1960)

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Apr 7, 1958 - Host Bruce Marsh will interview Irene Kalantrow, the senior make-up artist: at the CBC in Toronto.

Apr 14, 1958 - Host Bruce Marsh will interview Peter McDonald, director of the CBC-TV network programming. Mr. McDonald will answer viewers questions.

Apr 21, 1958 - Tonight— producer Leo Orenstein discusses methods of drama production.

May 5, 1958 - Tonight— Set design.

May 12, 1958 - Bruce Marsh will talk with script assistants Carol Armstrong, Robi Ivey, and Olwyn Millington. Scan's assistant Judith Strand is seen at work in the studio control room with producer David Marcus-Roland.

May 26, 1958 - This week— the use of lighting in TV.

Jun 9, 1958 - Scan presents the work of the special effects department.

Jun 16, 1958 - Peter Meggs, director of the CBC's information service, describes the work of his department, and how phone calls and letters are handled.

Jul 7, 1958 - Warren Davis reports on upcoming Calgary Stampede telecasts.

Aug 18, 1958 - This week— from Toronto three girl research assistants tell about their work, and from Winnipeg graphics artist Dave Strang describes the work of his department.

Aug 25, 1958 - This week Eugene S. Hallman, director of CBC radio network programming, will tell about his position and plans for the future in radio.

Sep 8, 1958 - This week producers Marion Dunn and Norman Caton show how they handled some of the "remote" TV productions during Princess Margaret's visit to Canada.

Sep 15, 1958 - This week Jack Bateman, technical supervisor, TV engineering, tells of his work.

Sep 22, 1958 - This week— What is a TV studio like? Viewers will pay a visit to the CBC's new television studio in Toronto— the largest TV studio in Canada.

Oct 27, 1958 - Peter Meggs, director of CBC Information Services, tells about the work of his department. From Toronto. Plans for the "new" CBC Times will be discussed. From Winnipeg.

Nov 10, 1958 - Scan presents the first in a series of three programs on the CBC film department. The series shows how the film is ordered, assigned and processed before being telecast.

Dec 1, 1958 - Scan features a program on how the CBC finds its talent and how it helps to promote Canadian performers careers. Frank Stalley is host.

Dec 15, 1958 - TV viewers from St. Catharines, Ont. will comment on the programs they are presented with.

Jan 5, 1959 - Mel Turner, CBC film director, tells about his assignments in relation to television. Frank Stalley is host.

Jan 12, 1959 - Scan features Ed Rollins, CBC supervisor of film productions, Toronto, and Bill Duncan, cameraman. They will tell viewers about their behind-the-scene adventures in the Middle East while filming the Christmas Day With The Forces program.

Jan 19, 1959 - The guest on Scan is Tom Ruston, audio technician, who will discuss audio on TV.

Jan 26, 1959 - Scan tells about the Voices of TV — who makes the sounds and who speaks the dialogue on TV programs where off-camera voices are used. Frank Stalley is the host.

Feb 23, 1959 - Scan will feature an explanation of the duties of a technical producer and the opinions of an Ottawa viewer.

Mar 16, 1959 - Norma Beacroft, music editor for special TV programs, discusses the problems of choosing background music.

Mar 23, 1959 - Ross McLean, a producer with the CBC, will be guest. Mr. McLean will talk about his show and his work in the CBC's talks and public affairs department.

Mar 30, 1959 - The guest is Claude Baikie, the producer of One Of A Kind, who will talk about variety programs.

Apr 6, 1959 - Sound effects operator Bill McClelland tells about the audio part of TV.

Apr 13, 1959 - In keeping with the spirit of Library Week, Scan looks into the effect of TV on libraries.

Apr 20, 1959 - Peter McDonald will talk on the summer schedule planned for the CBC.

Apr 27, 1959 - Scan will originate from the Winnipeg studios. Norm Lacey will be interviewed on the operations of the CBWT newsroom. Other guests will be film cameraman, Myron Kupchuk and Ron Hunka, outside broadcasts producer.

May 4, 1959 - Roy Kepron, Winnipeg golfer, will talk about the new program, All-Star Golf, which starts tonight.

May 11, 1959 - Frank Stalley will interview Mary Helen McPhillips, and Miss McPhillips will interview Mr. Stalley.

May 18, 1959 - Scan will not be seen this week.

Jun 15, 1959 - TV technical producer Cec Johns conducts a tour of a television studio and explains how a TV picture is produced and host Frank Stalley asks questions about the technical aspects of TV.

Jul 6, 1959 - Frank Stalley presents a film showing TV viewers discussing CBC-TV programs. The film was made on the street, and the people were selected at random.

Jul 13, 1959 - Scan features the Toronto portion this week with the CBC's Rawhide, Max Ferguson, and dancers Alan and Blanche Lund as guests.

Jul 27, 1959 - The guest on Scan will be James Bannerman, moderator of the quiz show Who Knows? who will discuss his own show and his background.

Aug 3, 1959 - Jack Kuper will explain the work of the CBC graphics department. Eva Langford, CBC casting director, will discuss the possibilities for performers, and radio announcer Elwood Glover talks about his job.

Aug 10, 1959 - The program organizer for the CBC, Eric Koch, talks about past successes and future plans. A farm broadcast producer is also interviewed.

Aug 17, 1959 - Host Frank Stalley will conduct a tour of master control and kine recording centres.

Aug 24, 1959 - Host Frank Stalley will interview Leslie McFarlane, CBC story editor, and T.V. Dobson, assistant supervisor of school broadcasts.

Aug 31, 1959 - Frank Stalley will interview Larry Henderson who has just returned from Moscow.

Sep 7, 1959 - Lyal Brown of the CBC information services tells the story of his department.

Oct 1, 1959 - Host Frank Stalley looks at CBC radio and the fall schedule.

Oct 8, 1959 - Host Frank Stalley will interview Michael Sadller. Mr. Sadller is the head of the CBC-TV drama department.

Oct 22, 1959 - Frank Stalley will report an the recent meeting of the CBC and Canadian affiliated TV stations in Ottawa.

Oct 29, 1959 - Program organizer David Walker and writer George Ronald will be this week's guests. Mr. Ronald will be talking about The Jew In Canada which will be seen on Close-Up on Nov. 5. In the Winnipeg portion, there will be a question-and-answer period.

Nov 5, 1959 - The activities of the TV Features Department will be surveyed. Host Frank Stalley will show how the department prepares for the Santa Claus parade, the Grey Cup parade and the RCMP's Musical Ride.

Nov 12, 1959 - Jack Kuper, graphics artist and television playwright, will discuss his two crafts with host Frank Stalley.

Nov 19, 1959 - Frank Stalley talks to Harold Wright, CBC supervisor of technical production.

Dec 3, 1959 - Guests are two producers of children's shows, Paddy Simpson and John Kennedy.

Dec 10, 1959 - Scan features Frank Stalley talking to CBC's director of northern service Andrew Cowan.

Dec 17, 1959 - Scan will introduce Marilyn Phillips, new CBC commentator.

Dec 31, 1959 - Frank Stalley will talk with R.S. Lambert, CBC supervisor of school broadcasts about a new series of Canadian school telecasts.

Jan 7, 1960 - Scan reports on two upcoming series. Eric Koch will discuss the new six-part Explorations series, Big Business and Keith Russell will preview a new farm series.

Jan 14, 1960 - A report on CBC's special effects department with Frank Stalley interviewing John McAdam, props-man specialist.

Feb 4, 1960 - Inspector James Toal of the Winnipeg police force will talk about an upcoming series on crime detection.

Feb 11, 1960 - Scan will deal with the costume department of the CBC in Winnipeg.

Feb 18, 1960 - Prof. George Swinton, of the local Art In Action series, will be guest.

Mar 3, 1960 - John Harris, set designer of CBC Winnipeg, will be guest.

May 5, 1960 - An interview with the CBC's Washington correspondent, James M. Minifie.

Jun 9, 1960 - A program produced by the outside department of the CBC will be televised from the Maritimes.

Jun 23, 1960 - Presents the first of two programs from Montreal with Jeff Hogwood as host. Today's program has Gerard Lamarche, director of CBC French-language networks as guest. Mr. Lamarche will talk about the influence of the network on French Canada, how it has grown and how Montreal has become the largest centre in the world for production of French TV programs and third largest production centre for TV films.

Jun 30, 1960 - An outline of the 13-week drama series Cariboo Country, which will start Saturday. Commissioned for the series was Paul St. Pierre of the Vancouver Province and author of two CBC North Country series.

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