Saturday Night at the Movies (Series) (1974- )


Saturday Night at the Movies
Saturday Night at the Movies, the longest still-running series in Canadian television history, introduces a double bill of old movies every Saturday night on TVO. The films are usually American, sometimes British, and very rarely Canadian, air uncut and uninterrupted. Each double bill encompasses a certain theme and sometimes there are guests in the studio to discuss the theme. Taped interviews with filmmakers, performers, and critics are sometimes included between the two films, and afterwards.

Hosted by Elwy Yost from its inception up to 1999, it was hosted by Shelagh Rogers for one season before the program took a hostless, documentary format in 2000.

Elwy Yost .... Host (1974-1999)
Shelagh Rogers .... Hostess (1999-2000)

Original Broadcaster(s): TVO

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