Sasquatch Odyssey: The Hunt for Bigfoot (Documentary) (1999)

Sasquatch Odyssey: The Hunt for Bigfoot
This humourous film poses fundamental questions about the origins of man, while reveling in the sub-culture which surrounds the Bigfoot mystery. This is the story of the hunt for Bigfoot and the four old-men who have been searching for the elusive, mythical creature for the last 40 years. Inspired by the discovery of Yeti (abominable snowman) tracks in Nepal in the early 1950's, followed by giant footprints in Northern California in 1958, these young adventurers set out to find an animal which science said didn't exist. Originally, working together on the Pacific Northwest Bigfoot Expedition of 1960-62 while funded by a Texas oil millionaire named Tom Slick - these four men began never-ending rivalry and a life-long quest to find this creature.

Dr. Grover Krantz
Betty Unger....Sasquatch Sighting Witness
Jack 'Kewaunee' Lapseritis....Author
Robert M. Pyle....Author
Jim Hastings....Retired State Trooper
James Stewart....Conveyor of Yeti Finger (archive footage)
Gloria Stewart....Conveyor of Yeti Finger (archive footage)
Henry Franzoni....Bigfoot Enthusiast
Rob Butler....Bigfoot Artist
Ray Crowe....President, Western Bigfoot Society
Toby Lindala....Makeup Creature FX Artist
Janos Prohaska....Orangutan Costumer (archive footage)
Gordon Strasenburgh....Bigfoot Archivist
Harry Schumacher....Bigfoot Park Owner
Rev. C. Edward Linville....President, Church of Internal Combustion
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This is a big thing to me. As living in B.C. Canada right in the area where these animals live. My grandmother and grandfather saw one walking the next field out in Harrison Hot Springs and it happen alot back then..but with them both gone who knows where to see them

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