Sang du chasseur, Le (TV Movie) (1995)

Aka: Blood of the Hunter; The Fiddler

Sang du chasseur, Le
Yan Thoreau, a Metis trapper, and his wife, Marie, live in the Canadian wilderness near Hudson Bay just after the turn of the century. Thoreau is framed for murder by a sinister young man, who arrives at the nearby settlement in the guise of a Mountie, and sets off to bring Thoreau to "justice".

Michael Biehn....Blake
Gabriel Arcand....Yan Thoreau
Alexandra Vandernoot....Marie Thoreau
François-Eric Gendron....Jean de Gravois
Edward Meeks....Fitzgerald
Vincent Cassel....Pastamoo
Joseph Rezwin....Auctioneer
Edwin Gerard....Malone
Maïté Nahyr....Veuve Breault
Olivier Siou....Tommy
Glenda Stevens....Iowaka
Raine Pare-Coull....Kereesin
Karine Wawanolet....Young Indian
Angie O'Bamsawin....Young Indian
Pascal Guégan....Caporal Blake
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