Sam & Max: Freelance Police (Series) (1997-1998)

Sam & Max: Freelance Police
Based on Steve Purcell's enormously popular underground comic book, Sam & Max was winner of the 1998 Gemini Award for Best Animated Series. It chronicles the adventures of law enforcement's most powerful duo - Sam, a six-foot dog and Max, a three-foot hyper-kinetic rabbity thing - as they solve only the weirdest criminal cases of the day. Zealously treading on the conventions of tried and true TV fare, these pals-for-life are so hip and above it all that instead of taking what we would consider a dire situation seriously, they study it and check it for head lice. Welcome to their zany world!

Harvey Atkin .... Sam the Dog
Robert Tinkler .... Max the Rabbit
Tracey Moore .... The Geek

Original Broadcaster(s): TOON

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