Royal Canadian Air Farce (Series) (1980- )

Aka: Air Farce

Royal Canadian Air Farce
Air Farce first hit network television with a one hour special on CBC Television in October, 1980. It was an instant hit, CBC's #2 show for the week, right behind Hockey Night in Canada. CBC then commissioned a 10 week series, which aired February to April 1981 titled 'Air Farce,' plus additional specials in 1982 and 1983. A change of executives then happened at CBC TV and Air Farce left television and concentrated on radio and live appearances.

In 1984 Air Farce's live Toronto stage show was videotaped as a pay-TV special, and subsequently broadcast on Ontario's Global Television Network. The group spent the next eight years taking the radio show on the road to communities from coast to coast, plus extensive concert and theatrical performances across Canada and in the U.S.

Then, on the final night of 1992, Air Farce took a second plunge into television with "1992 Year of the Farce", a satirical New Year's Eve Special which it produced and sold to CBC Television. Again, it was a hit, and developed into a weekly series on October 8, 1993. Air Farce is now one of the highest rated shows on CBC Television.

Roger Abbott....Gilbert Smythe Bite-Me/Jean Chrétien/Peter Mansbridge/George W. Bush/Billy Two-Willies/Ralph Klein/The Pope/Jimmy O'Toole/Brian Williams/Sam/Various

Don Ferguson....The Confused Philosopher/Col. 'Teresa' Stacey/Bill Clinton/Al Gore/Dick Cheney/Lucien Bouchard/Neil Young/Bob Dylan/Preston Manning/Paul Martin/Pierre Trudeau/Joe Clark/Larry King/Al/Various

Luba Goy....Queen Elizabeth/Kim Campbell/Sheila Copps/Brenda the Bingo Lady/Margaret Atwood/Taffi/Valerie Pringle/Jane Stewart/Pamela Wallin/Sandie Rinaldo/Laura Bush/Monica Lewinsky/Vera/Various

John Morgan....Deborah Gray/Boris Yeltsin/One Fat Lady/Jock McBile/Prof. Luellen Aphazard/Randy Lubitch/The Prophet on the Mount/Mike from Canmore/Various (1993-2001)

Dave Broadfoot....Himself - the Hon. Member for Kicking Horse Pass/Bartholomew/Sgt. Renfrew/Various

Jessica Holmes....Various roles (2003-)
Alan Park
Craig Lauzon

Original Broadcaster(s): CBC

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byIsabel, January 19, 2007
Air Farce has got to be the worst farce on present day Canadian TV. Can it really be at the top of the ratings? My friends and colleagues agree it's terrible, so who's watching? Maybe the same people who laugh at the Just for Laughs "gags".

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