Ronnie & Julie (TV Movie) (1997)

Aka: Ronnie et Julie (French title)

Ronnie & Julie
Although they come from opposing political families, star-crossed teens attempt a lasting romance based on Shakespeare's Romeo and Juliet.

For Ronnie Monroe, 15, and Julie Cappell, 14, it’s love at first sight. They meet at a political debate between his mother, Elizabeth Monroe, and her father, Arthur Cappell, opposing mayoral candidates who are keeping alive a generations-old feud between their families.

Teri Garr....Elizabeth Monroe
Joshua Jackson....Ronnie Monroe
Margot Finley....Julie Cappell
Tom Butler....Arthur Cappell
Alexandra Purvis....Willa Cappell
Iris Quinn....Trudy
Brad Payne....Tim Cappell
Jade Pawluk....Paul Reese
Billy O'Sullivan....Marty
Vanessa King....Clare
Yôko Sakai....Gail
Garwin Sanford....Hal
Zinaid Memisevic....Peshlov
Kevin Conway....Tucker
Marcus Turner....Chuck
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