Romper Room (Series) (1960-1992)

Aka: Romper Room & Friends

Romper Room
Romper Room was a daily half-hour program for pre-school children. An invited group of children took part in each show, which had several regular features including Mr. Doo-Bee, Paddington Bear, the Magic Mirror and Doc, whose main concerns were health and safety regulations for children. Basic physical activity to encourage an active lifestyle and the maintenance of good health was a regular part of the program.

Romper Room was franchised instead of syndicated, so local stations could produce their own versions. But in 1972, CTV’s Kitchener affiliate CKCO-TV took responsibility for producing the series for all CTV affiliates.

The series became known as Romper Room and Friends in 1981 and was cancelled in 1992 because CTV did not renew its contract with the show's producer, CKCO-TV. At that time, the Canadian Romper Room was the only version still in production in the world. Miss Fran (Fran Pappert) was the longest-serving Romper Room teacher in North America.

Fran Pappert .... Miss Fran (CTV Network) (1978-1992)
Diane Ippersiel .... Miss Diane (CTV Network) (1975-1978)
Betty Thompson .... Miss Betty (CTV Network) (1972-1975)
Roma Harpell .... Miss Roma (Winnipeg) (1960-?)
Flora (Paulin) Asselstine .... Miss Flora (Windsor) (1960-1967)
Phyllis Marie (Sweezey) Jordan .... Miss Phyllis (Moncton) (1960-1966)

Original Broadcaster(s): CTV

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I was on Romper Room with Miss Betty.... It was back in the early 70's I wish there was a tape of the episodes.... I remember having a Dooby puppet as well for attending the show for the week. I brought my cat in for show and tell and I remember the cardboard fire trucks. As soon as we started going in a circle and the sirens started I dropped mine and started to cry..LOL ... Those were the times I wish were kept captured on film. I still tell people about being on the show and they laugh.
Does anyone know how can I get a copy of the episode I was on? I would love to see myself from 40 years ago and show my kids and husband.
Owner's reply

Videotapes from these types of shows were generally erased and reused, making copies rare or non-existent.

Where is Miss Fran Pappert now and what is she doing? How old would she be. I used to watch Romper Room when I was a child. I absolutely loved the show. I am now a Pre-Kindergarten teacher myself and often wonder what ever became of Miss Fran.
byShaorn, December 13, 2007
Did a woman by the name of Joyce Sanders play a character on the show by the name of Miss Joyce??? around 1956-1961??? any info on this person???
bywoody, October 24, 2007
Who played Mr. Doo Bee? There was rumour that he was my grade 7 teacher years ago which he never confirmed or denied.

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