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Romper Room

Winnipeg Singer Chosen As Television Teacher

Winnipeg Free Press - Nov 19, 1960

Mrs. Roma Harpell has been selected as the teacher for Channel 7's now children's feature - Romper Room, which starts December 5th. The show will be seen Monday through Friday, 11:00-12:00 noon.

Twenty-nine years old, Mrs. Harpell has senior matriculation standing, worked at the University of Manitoba for three years before leaving the city for Toronto. While in Toronto she studied at the Toronto Conservatory of Music, picked up considerable radio, television and stage experience. Among her credits are Singing Stars of Tomorrow, opera festivals, and the TV production of Don Giovanni.

Locally she has studied piano and singing since the age of nine. Mrs. Harpell also has her performer's degree in singing.

On Romper Room she will teach six pre-school children selected from this area. These pupils will attend Romper Room for a period of two weeks and then a new "class" will be selected.

For the children, Romper Room will provide daily entertainment, interesting ways to learn and a means of seeing new and interesting educational toys. For the mothers it will help in teaching her children right from wrong and encouraging discipline.

Mr. Harpell is manager of the mortgage department of an investment firm. They are the proud parents of one child.

Children Line Up For 'Romper Room'

Winnipeg Free Press - Dec 24, 1960

"Romper Room," the television kindergarten for pre-school children was seen in the Winnipeg area for the first time Dec. 5 on C-JAY TV, Channel 7.

Roma Harpell, Winnipeg housewife and professional vocalist, is featured as "Miss Roma," the teacher on the hour-long live program. Mrs. Harpell was selected after Dick Cutler, "Romper Room" Canadian Representative and Barry Gordon, C-JAY TV Executive Producer, interviewed and auditioned more than 150 applicants.

After the final choice was made, Mrs, Harpell flew to Baltimore, Maryland, head office of Romper Room International for an exhaustive week of training with the original Romper Room teacher, Nancy Claster, wife of the originator of Romper Room, Bert Claster.

"Romper Room" is produced live at Channel 7 following daily formats as supplied by the Baltimore operation to more than 83 TV stations in Canada and the U.S.

High interest in the show is generated through the use of six different local children each week.

C-JAY TV reports that after the program was. on the air just three days, 312 children wanting to appear had contacted the station. This is sufficient to last the show for a full year.

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