Romeo & Juliet (Special) (1993)

The Stratford Festival stage production of Shakespeare's drama. This smooth and well-crafted production makes no bones about being filmed theatre as opposed to a film adaptation. The viewer is reminded by stage hands changing props and intermittent audience applause that stage and not screen conventions apply. At the same time closeups and changes of viewpoint enhance the theatrical experience.

Mary Hitch Blendick....Lady Montague
Barbara Bryne....Nurse
Antoni Cimolino....Romeo
Colm Feore....Mercutio
Megan Follows....Juliet
Lewis Gordon....Capulet
Bernard Hopkins....Friar Lawrence
Lorne Kennedy....Tybalt
Tim MacDonald....Prince of Verona
Mervon Mehta....Paris
Paul Miller....Benvolio
Kate Trotter....Lady Capulet
Tan White....Montague
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