Rollin' on the River (Series) (1971-1973)

Aka: Rollin' (new title)

Rollin' on the River
The Winters-Rosen production company produced an hour long special titled, "Rollin' on the River" starring Kenny Rogers and the First Edition. The success of the single show convinced the producers to syndicate a half hour series of the same name starring the same group. This CTV television series featured Kenny Rogers and the First Edition on a studio-built riverboat, captained by comedian Billy Van. The First Edition trotted out hits, with weekly appearances by Canadian and U.S. guests. In the 1972 season the title was shortened to Rollin', and the show's length was cut to a half-hour.

Kenny Rogers....Host
Peggy Mahon....Regular
Billy Van....Regular
Renee Cherrier....Regular

Original Broadcaster(s): CTV

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