Episode Guide - Rolf Harris Show, The (Series) (1976-1978)

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The following is an incomplete list of episodes. (The program was scheduled variously in different markets.)

Season 1

Mar 20, 1976 - Rolf's debut guest will be puppeteer-ventriloquist-singer Shari Lewis, with Lamb Chop and Hush Puppy. Geri Dawson also guests.

Mar 27, 1976 - Stompin' Tom Connors will join Rolf Harris for a half-hour of comic spoofing and spirited song.

Apr 3, 1976 - Rod Hull and his puppet Emu join Rolf. Musical selections include "Old, Old House on the Hill" (Rod, Emu, Rolf); and "Burglar Bold," "If I Were a Rich Man" (Rolf).

Apr 10, 1976 - Guests: The Hudson Brothers

May 8, 1976 - Guest: Pianist Roger Williams.

Season 2

Apr 5, 1978 - Rolf Harris returns for another season of The Rolf Harris Show. Performing on the first of the new half-hour weekly shows is singer Tom Sullivan who does Sir Duke (the Stevie Wonder hit) and Beauty Is In The Eye on his own and is joined by Rolf in Ain't No Sunshine. Rolf paints a large canvas titled BOOMERS to which he later dedicates a song of the same name. Rolf delivers two ballads this evening which contribute to the ethnic flavour of the program - UNCLE ABLE and SETH DAVEY. As he will do weekly, Rolf Harris closes tonight's show with his musical tribute to Canada's western city - VANCOUVER TOWN.

Apr 12, 1978 - Rolf welcomes two comedians, Skiles and Henderson. Opening the show with a rather unusual song, Pukka Chicken, Rolf is humorously interrupted near the final chorus by the antics of Skiles and Henderson. It's a loud and rousing evening when Skiles and Henderson put their minds to comedy and particularly so when they take to drums and piano to spice up their act. And speaking of sounds, Rolf joins them in another comedy sketch titled Sound Effects Story. In an original way, Rolf paints to the lilting tune from the award-winning movie Papillon. Other musical highlights of the show include Rolf singing the haunting Send In The Clowns and his closing ballad Gorgonzola. Vancouver Town again ends the show.

Apr 19, 1978 - The guest is comedienne Ruth Buzzi, who wields her purse and umbrella through Rolf's song "Jobsworth," joins him for "With You by My Side," and sings "I Couldn't Be Happier."

Apr 26, 1978 - Guests: Don McLean and Kenny Rankin. Songs include "American Pie," "Vincent" (Don); "Jump, Jump, Jump" (Kenny); "And I Love You So," (Don, Kenny); "Irish Rover," "Vancouver Town" (Rolf).

May 3, 1978 - Guest Shirley Eikhard sings "Someday, Soon" and joins Rolf for "It Takes Time." Rolf does "Right, Said Fred," "Jimmy, My Boy."

May 10, 1978 - Guest: actor Harry Secombe, who sings "If I Ruled the World" and "We'll Keep a Welcome."

May 17, 1978 - Guest: Joanne Worley.

May 24, 1978 - Rolf and Val Doonican do an Irish joke routine which leaves the audience in stitches.

May 31, 1978 - Rolf's guests the Hudson Brothers sing "Cigarettes, Whiskey and Wild Wild Women." Among Rolf's songs: "Hippuri Tai Tama E."

Jul 5, 1978 - Singer Melissa Manchester is the guest. Among the songs: "Midnight Blue," "Be Somebody" (Melissa); "Can't Get Started" (Melissa, Rolf).

Jul 12, 1978 - Guests: Rod Hull and Emu.

Jul 19, 1978 - Singer-dancer Rita Moreno is Rolf's guest. She sings "Got a Lot o' Livin' to Do" and joins Rolf for "It's Not when You Start." Rolf's songs include "365 Days" and "Vancouver Town," "Ned Kelly."

Jul 26, 1978 - Guest: Ronee Blakely.

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