Rocket Robin Hood (Series) (1967-1969)

Rocket Robin Hood
In the year 3000, Rocket Robin Hood and the rest of his merry men form an intergalactic version of their medieval namesakes. From their base on Sherwood Asteroid, the heroes endeavor to free the good peoples of the space ways from the tyranny of Prince John and the Sheriff of N.O.T.T. (National Orbital Terrestrial Territories).

This fifty-two episode series ran for three years in syndication. Each show was made up of three five-minute segments.

Carl Banas....Titanor/Dr. Manta (voice)
Ed McNamara....Rocket Robin Hood (voice)
Chris Wiggins....Will Scarlet/Infinata/Baron Blank (voice)
Bernard Cowan....Narrator (voice)
Len Birman....(voice)
Paul Kligman....Friar Tuck (voice)
Gillie Fenwick....Sheriff of N.O.T.T (voice)
John Scott....(voice)

Original Broadcaster(s): CBC

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I remember watching Rocket Robin Hood before I went to school in the morning. I still remember the theme song! "Band of Brothers marching together......"

Great memories!

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