Road Show, The (Series) (1977)

The Road Show was a series of 4 one-hour programs produced by CBC Winnipeg. It replaced The Tommy Hunter Show in June 1977. The hosts, the Prairie Dog Band, and humourist and doggerel writer Peter Paul Van Camp taped shows in the three Prairie provinces. Ian Tyson was their guest for the program shot at the Royal Winter Fair in Brandon, MB. Dick Damron and Len Udow joined them at the School of Fine Arts at Banff. They returned to Manitoba for a show taped at the Shilo Armed Forces base, with Buck Evans, and concluded the series with a program from the maximum security prison at Prince Albert, Saskatchewan, with special guest seventy-one year old New Orleans blues singer Roosevelt Sykes.

Colleen Peterson....Host
Rick Neufeld....Host

Original Broadcaster(s): CBC

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