Ritter's Cove (Series) (1980-1981)

Ritter's Cove
Karl Ritter was an elderly pilot whose procrastination over a medical examination lost him his licence to fly. He was forced to hire Kate Ashcroft as his replacement to keep his single airplane aloft and his transport business afloat.

The age-old conflict between youth and age, change and tradition, enthusiasm and experience provided continuing dramatic tension, yet through it all Karl and Kate shared a common bond, flying, and the freedom it brought.

Hans Caninenberg .... Karl Ritter
Susan Hogan .... Kate Ashcroft
Dale Walters .... Robert
Craig Kelly .... Arnie
Paul Stanley .... Tom Oliver
Mary-Anne Jones .... Lily Oliver
Kim Nahanee .... Angel Oliver
David McIlwraith .... Tim Ritter
Heinz Weiss .... Franz Ritter
Sean Sullivan .... K.R. Sandby
Don Scanlan .... Erik Kemper
Don Granbery .... Hooter Larsen
George Clutesi .... Old John

Original Broadcaster(s): CBC

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