Rhodes (Miniseries) (1996)

This 8-part drama series tells the story of Cecil Rhodes, the British 19th-century businessman who became the wealthiest man in the Western world and founded the nation Rhodesia (now Zimbabwe). The series tells of how he arrived in South Africa as a teenager, how he made his fortune in gold and diamond mining, and how he led the colonization of large areas of Africa.

Martin Shaw....Cecil John Rhodes
Frances Barber....Princess Catherine Radziwill
Joe Shaw....Young Cecil Rhodes
Patrick Shai....Christmas
Tim Dutton....Herbert Rhodes
David Butler....Charles Rudd
Philip Godawa....John X Merriman
Mark Drewry....Alfred Aylward
John Rogers....Sir Richard Southey
Ken Stott....Barney Barnato
Neil Pearson....Dr Leander Starr Jameson
Franz Dobrowsky....Alfred Beit
Nicky Rebello....Solly Joel
Raymond Coulthard....Neville Pickering
John Carson....Sir Hercules Robinson
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