Rez, The (Series) (1996-1998)

Rez, The
Shot on a Northern Ontario reservation, The Rez almost exclusively utilized the talents of its residents both behind and in front of the cameras. Representing a broad cross-section of First Nations communities, the series' cast was drawn from native communities across the country.

Ryan Rajendra Black....Silas Crow
Jennifer Podemski....Sadie Maracle
Darrell Dennis....Frank Fencepost
Kari Matchett....Tanya Nanibush Beakhert
Tamara Podemski....Lucy Pegamegaaba
Patricia Collins....Eleanor Nanibush
Elaine Miles....Mad Etta (season 2)
Herbie Barnes....Joseph Crow
Shirley Cheechoo....Simone Crow
Denis Lacroix
Gary Farmer....Chief Tom
Adam Beach....Charlie
Monique Mojica....Mad Etta (season 1)

Original Broadcaster(s): CBC

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