Rescue Heroes (Series) (1999-2002)

Aka: Rescue Heroes: Global Response Team (new title)

Rescue Heroes
Based on the best-selling action figures from the Fisher Price division of Mattel, Rescue Heroes is an animated adventure show featuring a daring team of emergency response professionals ready and willing to race to trouble spots all over the world. Equipped with the latest information and cutting-edge technology, they put themselves in the "line of fire" to protect innocent civilians whose lives are in danger. Whatever the crisis, the Rescue Heroes, with teamwork and perseverance, will be there!

Norm Spencer....Billy Blazes
Lenore Zann....Wendy Waters (voice)
Marc Donato....Tyler (voice)
Martin Roach....Jake Justice
Lisa Messinger....Ariel Flyer
Joe Motiki....Rocky Canyon
Rod Wilson....Jack Hammer
Christopher Earle....Roger Houston
John Bourgeois....Warren Watters
Adrian Hough....Cliff Hanger
Paul Essiembre....Gil Gripper
Dwayne Hill....Coach (voice)
Deborah Odell....Ariel Flyer
Panou....Jake Justice (Pilot)

Original Broadcaster(s): TOON

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