Rencontres avec les baleines du Saint-Laurent (Documentary) (1998)

Aka: Encounters with the Whales of the Saint-Lawrence

Rencontres avec les baleines du Saint-Laurent
Each year, over a million visitors come from all over the world to be enchanted by an extraordinary encounter with the whales in the water of the majestic St.Lawrence River (Québec, Canada). Two filmmakers, Alain Belhumeur and Jean Lemire, have been following the whales, seeking insights into their mysterious world. The result of their research, accomplished with the participation of many scientists and biologists, is presented in a definitive documentary on the whales of the St. Lawrence. The filmmakers have captured astonishing images, powerful moments, and spectacular interactions between these legendary warm blooded creatures. Encounter with the whales of the St. Lawrence invites the viewer to an hour of pure beauty and wonder, mixed with high adventure and gripping encounters.
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