Reluctant Nation (Miniseries) (1966)

To celebrate--or at least commemorate--the upcoming Centennial year, the CBC presented this 6-part series of historical programs, which pointed to the similarity of current issues and problems with those that faced the founders of the nation: Canada-U.S. relations, Canada-Europe relations, the status of Francophones under Confederation, federal-provincial relations, and the establishment of an independent economy.

The series employed actors to represent the Fathers of Confederation and other historical figures in a "you are there"-interview format.

Robert Christie....Sir John A. Macdonald
Jack Creley....Sir Wilfrid Laurier
Robert Goodier....Quebec Premier Mercier
Tom Harvey....TV reporter
Paul Kligman....Ontario Premier Oliver Mowat
E.M. Margolese....Manitoba Premier John Norquay
Arch McDonnell....TV reporter
William Osler....W.C. Van Horne
Antony Parr....Premier Andrew. G. Blair
Norman Welsh....Prof. Goldwin Smith
Caulde Bede....Nova Scotia Premier William S. Fielding

Original Broadcaster(s): CBC

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