Rehearsal in A (Series) (1956)

A number of people new to television appeared on the CBC Network in a Winnipeg show called Rehearsal In A. It was a program of jazz, blues, ragtime and pops. Master of ceremonies was Chuck Skelding. The program put the accent on music, lighting and staging, in a behind-the-scenes setting. Barry McCorquodale was the producer.

Chuck Skelding....Host
Paul Grosney .... trumpet
Bob Gross .... drums
Wally Towns .... piano
Bob Nix .... trombone
Jim Weber .... clarinet
Roy Moga .... upright bass
Lloyd MacDonald .... vibraphone
Al Mann .... saxophone
Zena Haynes .... vocals
Lorraine West .... vocals
Maxine Ware .... vocals

Original Broadcaster(s): CBC

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