Reflections (Series) (1959-1962)

Aka: Souvenirs

A fifteen minute program of music for strings produced in Halifax, and broadcast on stations in Atlantic Canada, Souvenirs expanded to a half-hour, changed its name to Reflections, and graduated to the national CBC network in 1960. The centre of the show was the orchestra, with arrangements and conducted by Gordon MacPherson of the Maritime Conservatory of Music. Dave Woods, Lucio Agostini, and Eddie Graf also contributed arrangements. The program stressed light classics and standards.

Syd Davidson ....Host (1960)
Pat Napier ....Host (1961-1962)
Gordon Macpherson....Orchestra Conductor
Francis Chaplin....Violinist
Jean Marshall....Soprano
Clarence Fleiger....Baritone (1962)
Phyllis Ensher....Harpist
Carol Hughes....Pianist

Original Broadcaster(s): CBC

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