Red Serge (Series) (1986-1987)

Aka: Red Serge Wives

Red Serge took us back to the wild frontier of the Alberta border, circa 1880. Along with the three orphaned daughters of an old friend, American Abe Farwell started to make a good living from an illegal saloon and gambling operation. Unfortunately the daughters caught the eyes of a passing patrol of Mounties, who promptly decided that the inn would be the perfect place to establish their base camp.

Maintaining their business under the noses of the Mounties became a daily battle of wits for Abe and the girls.

Terence Kelly .... Sgt. Wilkes
Greg Ellwand .... Corporal Calder
C. David Johnson .... Constable Marsh
Tom McBeath .... Constable Murphy
Bruce McMillan .... Constable Banks
David Matheson .... Constable Chamberain
Ed McNamara .... Abe Farwell
Nicola Cavendish .... Lily Chadwick
Brenda Robins .... Emma Chadwick
Hilary Strang .... Maisie Chadwick

Original Broadcaster(s): CBC

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