Red River Jamboree (Series) (1960-1965)

Red River Jamboree
Originally a local Winnipeg broadcast, Red River Jamboree replaced Country Hoedown in the summer of 1960 and went on to enjoy a healthy, five year run on the CBC network. More than a studio-bound program of country and western music, the program framed music with stories of Canada's Old West, and included film sequences shot at a ranch established at the turn of the century to lend the show authenticity.

The original host was Stu Davis. He was joined by singer Peggy Neville, a quartet called the Altones, square dance caller Joe Johansson, and a troupe of eight dancers, the Valley Beaux and Belles. The Selkirk Settlers provided accompaniment.

Stu Phillips replaced Davis for the regular season of Red River Jamboree and hosted the show throughout most of its history. He was replaced by Reg Gibson in 1965.

Producer: Ernie Mutimer

Stu Davis .... Host (1960-1961)
Stu Phillips .... Host (1962-1964)
Reg Gibson .... Host (1965)
Peggy Neville .... Singer
Andy Anderson (The Altones)
Brian Flye (The Altones)
Dick Carr (The Altones)
Bert Scinocca (The Altones)
Joe Johansson .... Square Dance Caller
Pearl McConnell .... Dancer (The Valley Beaux and Belles)
Sam McConnell Jr .... Dancer (The Valley Beaux and Belles)
Ted Komar .... Accordion/Bandleader (Selkirk Settlers)
Mitch Parks .... Piano (Selkirk Settlers)
Paul Olynyk .... Bass (Selkirk Settlers)
Clelio Retaghatti .... Fiddle (Selkirk Settlers)
Wally Diduck .... Fiddle (Selkirk Settlers)
Jim Pirie .... Guitar (Selkirk Settlers)
Irvine Wahl .... Guitar (Selkirk Settlers)
Monte Levine .... Guitar (Selkirk Settlers)
Reg Kelln .... Drums (Selkirk Settlers)
Lenny Breau .... Guitar (Selkirk Settlers) (1 season)

Original Broadcaster(s): CBWT, CBC

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