Red Green Show, The (Series) (1991-2006)

Aka: The New Red Green Show

Red Green Show, The
Red Green is a bearded Canadian carpenter who's really handy with his hands, and can find great uses for duct tape. He hosts "The Red Green Show", where he and his nerdy nephew, Harold, teach the viewers how to make excellent and useful crafts, as well as give marriage advice, from their home at Possum Lodge. Also, he plays games with Dalton Humphries where he must try to get him to guess a word by giving examples of it or saying a sentence it would be used in. Red also appears in a black-and-white series with the bungling Bill Smith were they show young viewers things like how to hunt and the existence of gravity. Other characters who frequently appear are the deprived Ranger Gord, who lives on top of a 100-foot tower on top of a 200-foot hill, has been guarding the watch tower for 16 years without a vacation and has no friends; the golf-obsessed loser Bob Stuyvestant who knows nothing about women; Buzz Sherwood, a daredevil pilot; and Winston Rothschild III, a loyal!

Steve Smith....Red Green
Patrick McKenna....Harold Green
Bob Bainborough....Dalton Humphrey
Boyd Banks....Earl Battersby
Stephanie Beard....Kelly Cook
George Buza....Dwight Cardiff
Bill Carr....Eddie Johnson
Gavin Crawford....Dale
Neil Crone....Doc Render
Lawrence Dane....Reg Hunter
Derek Edwards....Brian Jacobs
Laurie Elliott....Bonnie
Kevin Frank....Noel Christmas
Graham Greene....Edgar K. B. Montrose
Rick Green....Bill Smith
Paul Gross....Kevin Black
Joel Harris....Young Walter
David Huband....Douglas Hendrychuck
Bruce Hunter....Bob Stuyvesant
Bobby Inksetter....The Kid
Jennifer Irwin....Anne Marie Humphrey (voice)
Nick Johne....Dwayne
Peter Keleghan....Ranger Gord
Jeff Lumby....Winston Rothschild
Derek McGrath....Garth Harble
Billy Merasty....Joshua Two Feathers
Will Millar....Jimmy McVeigh
Colin Mochrie....Frank Kepke
Paul O'Sullivan....Sparky Hoover
Gordon Pinsent....Hap Shaughnessy
Wayne Robson....Mike Hamar
Ed Sahely....Murray Woolworth
Jerry Schaefer....Ed Frid
Albert Schultz....Arnie Dogen
Tim Sims....Jack the Caveman
Ian Thomas....Dougie Franklin
Peter Wildman....Buzz Sherwood
Mark Wilson....Glen Braxton
B.J. Woodbury....Helmut Wintergarden

Original Broadcaster(s): CBC, Global

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Best show ever, we miss it. By the way, the Red Green web site ( has been completely updated (as of June 2009) and Steve Smith (star of the show) has a new biography available at Amazon. And Red Green is even on FaceBook –
byKaren Spain, March 5, 2007
We enjoy this show every Sunday night on our local PBS station. Funny

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